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Updated 25.3.2013

Top News


20.3.2013 Council of Oulu region supports Pyhäjärvi´s goal to host Laguna

30.10.2012 First dissertation from CUPP


Older news


11.3.2013 Physics Days 2013

7.3.2013 Laguna general meeting in Hamburg

1.3.2013 EMMA: Building of shallower depth stations started

28.2.2013 EMMA: Four stations connected now to EMMADAQ

8.-9.11.2012CUPP participating national science week activities

30.10.2012 First dissertation from CUPP

22.-23.11.2012 EMMA-Days

10.10.2012 Upper secondary school fo Sievi visited CUPP

13.9.2012 Astophysics students from Czech visiting CUPP

21.-22.7.2012 "LAGUNA - Lähempänä sydäntä" -Closer to the Heart dance performace in Pyhäsalmi Mine

6.-8.7.2012 CUPP at KIHU-days


13.-15.3.2012 Physics days in Joensuu

28.2.2012 Cern at school group visited CUPP

1.-18.2.2012 Group of Russian scientist working with scintillator detectors

16.-19.1.2012 LAGUNA-meeting in Pyhäjärvi


3.11.2011 Visits of students from University of Oulu

2.11.2011 Cern @ school groups visiting

25.10.2011 Significant regional impact of the LAGUNA research centre

12.10.2011 CUPP visited 12 Eleven+ secondary upper schools

16.3.2011 CUPP visiting regional schools

19.2.2011 Students of the physics faculty of University of Jyväskylä on excursion to EMMA

24.1.2011 Cooperation planning meeting of Oulu Southern regional secondary upper schools and CUPP

18.11.2010 New CUPP web page opened