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Updated 22.3.2013

Cloud chamberOutreach is a important part of activities of the CUPP. Staff gives lectures and organises workshops related to modern physics.  The topics, contents and methods are being developed to meet the needs of schools. Additional to co-opereation with upper secondary schools our staff is lecturing at the physics departments of Oulu and Jyväskylä universities.

Addition to lectures and workshops the staff is creating ideas to demonstrate different topics of modern physics.  Regional schools can borrow for a short period of time the created and obtained demonstrative devices to be used during the physics classes.


University lectures at Oulu University

Astroparticle physics course Starts on 19.3.2013



Devices available for borrowing


    - Diffusion Cloud Chamber
    - Radiation meter and Radon collector


The outreach activities have been supported by

Kerttu Saalasti foundation

Suomen Fyysikkoseura r.y.



The CUPP is a partner of CERN@School -network.


Students from Pyhäjoki upper secondary school visiting EMMA-experiment