Monday, 20 Feb 2017

For the applicant

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In addition to internship possibilities underground physics group offers also topics for research projects from which the students are easy to continue all the way to Master´s and even to Doctoral thesises. Research topics vary from electronics design projects to measurement campaings and from computer simulations to data-analysis and software development. Besides hard science one can also find topics from our outreach program (to make science more approachable and comprehensible). Outreach related topics are perfect for those studying to be science teachers.

Many of the task has possibility ot work also from Oulu or from Jyväskylä. Some tasks require long-term presence at Pyhäjärvi.


Your are our candidate


  • you are a bachelor (3rd year), masters or doctoral student
  • hallitset you understand the basic consepts of nuclear and particle physics
  • you understand the basic consepts of programming (favorable with one of the C, C++, or fortran programming languages)
  • you can operate on linux machines
  • and most of all, you are willing to LEARN

We give credit for prior knowledge into the ROOT analysis environment. You don´t have to know all before applying, as you´ll learn by doing.


If you are interested and looking for place to do your thesis, reseach projects or internship contact us at Pyhäjärvi, Oulu or Jyväskylä:

Contact information

  • At Pyhäjärvi: Research director Timo Enqvist (Timo.Enqvist (at)
  • At the University of Oulu: Dr. Panu Jalas (Panu.Jalas (at), huone FY271)
  • At the University of Jyväsktlä: Dr. Wladyslaw Trzaska (wladyslaw.h.trzaska (at) and Kai Loo (kai.loo (at)

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